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I will only show you property that fits your needs.

Due Diligence

I will coordinate the process with your attorney and third party professionals insuring you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

On Site visits

I visit every site you have under contract. You don't buy it, if I don't see it!!

I will coordinate meetings with the local municipal authorities so you understand the location issues related to your property.

Working with your Lender

If you require a lender, I can assist in procuring favorable financing terms as well as handling any issues related to closing.

I am with you each and every step of the way.


  • I owned an apartment building that was incurring high expenses and was subject to numerous property management issues. I met with Arthur Nachman and he suggested exchanging for a Single Tenant Net Lease Property. He was able to market and sell my property for above list price. After the sale, he was able to locate a Verizon Wireless store in North Augusta, SC. The tenant is responsible for the expenses and I receive a check every month. My cash flow has increased dramatically.

    Arthur handled the entire transaction. He worked directly with my attorney, solicited and evaluated loan scenarios and negotiated the best terms. He directly supervised the engineers’ for survey, environmental, and property condition issues and assisted the exchange agent with implementing a 1031 tax deferred exchange. He was my “go-to” guy for this transaction from start to finish. He makes the complex issues look easy.

  • I was interested in investing in commercial real estate and Arthur Nachman was recommended to me. He provided a thorough overview regarding cap rates and evaluation techniques. After considering several properties, I decided to purchase a retail store under an Absolute Triple Net Lease.

    Arthur was instrumental in facilitating a smooth transaction by working with my attorney and lender. He offered guidance and helped to secure a competitive loan with favorable terms. He handled the due diligence portion during the study period, always making sure I understood what was happening along the way. Arthur accompanied me to the property (which is hundreds of miles away) and arranged meetings with the local municipal authorities. I learned that there are significant differences when purchasing commercial real estate vs residential and Arthur’s expertise gave me confidence that my interests were covered.

    I have owned the property for several years and it continues to be a great investment. I would recommend Arthur to anyone looking to acquire commercial real estate.

  • I have worked closely with Arthur Nachman over the past 15 years on numerous real estate projects. We have handled acquisitions of Single Tenant Net Lease retail and Multi-Family investments for clients looking to expand their investments into real estate. I have found Arthur to be well prepared, knowledgeable, concise, and always looking out for best interests of the client. He goes the extra mile to insure that each and every step of the process is handled honestly, seamlessly and with the utmost integrity.

    I have worked with other real estate brokers in my forty plus year career, but believe Arthur is a top professional in the real estate field. When I think of the problems I have with other broker/agents, there is no comparison to the expert services received by his clients. I recommend him most highly.

  • Arthur has helped me acquire two properties. The first was a Verizon Wireless located in Germantown, TN, and the second, a Dollar General located in Raven, VA. In each case, Arthur assisted in locating the properties, led the due diligence, worked directly with my attorney to ensure that the transaction ran smoothly and on time, and assisted in finding financing options.More importantly, Arthur is not just a transaction oriented broker. In traveling to visit potential acquisitions, Arthur found reasons NOT to complete a transaction whether it was wrong side of a growing city, easement issue, or other. When he learned of a new LIBOR loan product, he shared that knowledge and I was able to refinance my loans, well after the sale. Likewise, when the TN property was reassessed at a higher value, Arthur made time to be on a couple conference calls with a tax assessment attorney and help lower the tax assessment.

    Arthur looks after his clients during and AFTER the sale. He is a true relationship broker. I feel he treats his clients as if they were family members. Honest and responsive, I will continue to use his services for all of my commercial real estate needs.

  • Arthur Nachman has represented me in several real estate transactions. He has sold my office condominium, and helped me purchase another. In addition, he represented me in the purchase of a Family Dollar Single Tenant Net Lease investment property located in Ravenal, SC.

    I have known Arthur for over thirty years and he has always placed the client first. He is thorough and handles each and every detail of the transaction seamlessly. He coordinates the inspections during the due diligence periods and has been successful in securing meaningful concessions from the Sellers while insuring I receive a quality product. He works directly with my attorney and third party professionals to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

    In one situation, I was going to purchase a multi-family property and during the due diligence period he explained that this was not going to be a viable investment. He convinced me to terminate the contract. He later found out that the Seller was misrepresenting the property. He saved me from a poor investment.

    I rely on Arthur as a trusted member of my team, and give him my highest recommendation.

    Don Owens


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