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3 Tactics for Re-Positioning Your Commercial Property

3 Tactics for Re-Positioning Your Commercial Property

The goal of a commercial property owner is to have a full boat of loyal tenants who get the traffic they need to operate successful businesses. But even if you have managed to put together this dream-come-true, it is still important not to rest on your laurels. You must stay in tune with the market trends that help you enhance your property value. To maintain your success, you need to have a strategy that makes you stand out, that generates awareness, and that drives traffic to your target audience. Always be thinking of new ways to reposition your property to attract new tenants because you never know when you might need them.

Here are three tactics to help you accomplish this:

Always Be Networking

One of the best ways to keep a flowing pipeline of people interested in your property is to always be connecting with influences. Working with influencers can help you co-create any marketing efforts you have in mind and help you spread the word about your property as efficiently as possible. The best in the business are able to tailor marketing strategies that speak to your niche and make it as easy as possible for your message to reach your target audience. Your goal is to utilize the influencers most likely to lease space and/or drive traffic to your tenants and to show off parts of your space that might be vacant.

Use Social Media, but Be Smart about It

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing your property, but only if you have a strategic intent behind your use of it. Even if you are currently using social media, there are always new ways to make it work for you. Connect with your target audience about things that matter to them and get input from your neighbors about what they think is essential for strengthening your community. You can use social media surveys and other tools to make the most of the time you invest in various platforms.

Introduce Yourself to the Public with Special Events

One of the best ways to spread the word about your property is by hosting special events. This keeps new people flowing into the building and increases current tenants’ foot traffic. The more innovative and exclusive these events are the better. You should make plans that create interest and get people to want to come to your event. The more interesting and unusual the event is the better as long as you stay on brand.

Events are also a great way to bring all of your marketing strategies together. Invite influencers to your events and encourage them to share on social media. A single marketing campaign that ties all of these things together is a great way to spread the word about your property and helps you maximize your efforts during a repositioning. Your ultimate goal? To always be marketing your property and planning for the future.

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