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Are you planning to sell, buy or rent a commercial real estate property? This is undoubtedly going to be one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make; why not rely on the services of a licensed pro to help you navigate the complex world that is the real estate property market?

Commercial Real estate brokers are middlemen between buyers and sellers of commercial real estate properties. They help their clients sell, buy or lease, and watch out for the client’s interest.

Full Service commercial real estate services in Loudoun County

Arthur Nachman provides dependable, professional real estate brokerage services in Loudoun County, North Virginia. With a specialty in property and business transactions and the highest qualification, you can expect an unrivaled standard of service.  

We provide complete real estate brokerage services, from advisory to representation, property management, and acquisition. We do:

  • Landlord representation
  • Tenant representation
  • Property management
  • Development consulting
  • Property disposition and acquisition

About Loudoun County

Loudoun County is found in Northern Virginia. It’s the third most populous county, with a population of about 414,000. It’s an old county and owes its history back to the 4th Earl of Loudoun, Jon Campbell, who was also the governor-general. Loudoun County played essential roles both in the American Revolution and the war of 1812. Right now, Loudoun is a thriving economy and serves as a headquarter for tech giants such as Verizon Business, Paxfire, and Telos Corporation.

Loudoun County’s real estate market conditions are constantly changing. Lately, things have been trending up, with the median list price of properties at $600K as of April 2021. That’s a 1.8% improvement over last year’s number for the same month. Stats also show the median sale price at $603K. Furthermore, properties sold for about 4% more than the asking price, making it a seller’s market this April.

Why choose the services of Arthur Nachman?

Broad connections in the community

We have established connections with people that matter in the community, allowing us a first mover’s lead every time a property is listed or when a potential buyer shows up in the local community.

Knowledge of zoning and tax laws

Rules and regulations governing the purchase and taxation of commercial properties are complex. But this shouldn’t keep you from investing and growing your portfolio. We can help you complete any formalities and eliminate barriers to your investment.

Help to evaluate your business plan.

Need help determining the feasibility of your business? We use statistical analysis to help you know the margin of safety on your investment. The last thing you want is to buy a property that won’t make you money.

Help to handle negotiations and conflicts.

Need help negotiating properties? We are excellent mediators and negotiators. We can help align you and your buyer’s or seller’s incentives so you can close the deal quickly and grow your portfolio. We have the skills to navigate negotiations and help parties reach an agreement regarding property prices, terms of leasing, inspection, and repairs.

Collecting research

Need research regarding local business environment, demographics, environmental quality, or property maintenance costs? We can help you collect the data. With our broad connections and deep knowledge of the community, we can help you determine factors that matter.

Analyzing lease payments

Need help researching and scrutinizing trends in lease payments in the local community? Part of our data collection services also involves helping investors calculate and understand financial data regarding lease payments.

There are four standard types of leases. The single net lease is where the tenant pays property tax. The double net lease is where the tenant pays property insurance and tax. The triple net lease puts maintenance, taxes, and insurance costs on the tenant. Lastly, the Gross lease puts insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs on the landlord. By gathering and organizing financial and economic data, we can help determine which type of lease will benefit you the most.

Trusted partnership

Working with us won’t be just a one-time thing; we value our clients. Expect solid and lasting relationships built on trust and continuous provision of value through insight, extensive expertise, broad connections within the community, and proven methodologies.

How to know if your estate broker is doing the right job?

Not all commercial real estate brokers are the same. Real estate brokers work on commission, and while most do a good job representing their clients’ interests, others are just looking for quick pay. You will know your estate broker is doing a great job if:

  • There’s a lot of interest in your property.
  • Good communication -the broker is patient with you and addresses all your concerns
  • Good advertisement
  • Correct details on property listing -good property photo and exciting description
  • No fabricated bids; they can prove the offers they bring you
  • No double-dipping, i.e., representing both you and the seller/buyer to benefit both ways.

When to hire a commercial real estate broker?

Loudoun County doesn’t legally require you to hire a real estate broker to help with transactions. Still, you’d be wise to have one with you. Commercial real estate brokers are professionals with the highest qualification and licenses to help people sell, buy or rent business spaces. Unlike residential real estate brokers, they have a deeper understanding of zoning and tax laws and employ maths to help their clients understand vital statistics and make the right decision. They also help with legal tasks, such as writing up contracts. You can hire a broker when:

  • Looking to sell
  • Looking to buy
  • Looking to rent
  • The commercial broker you are working with is terrible at their job.

Make the call

Whether you’ve made up your mind or not, get on the phone with Arthur Nachman now to find out how he can be of assistance. Arthur Nachman is one of the leading real estate brokers in Loudoun, proudly banking on his training, high qualifications, experience, and broader connections to serve people in Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Purcellville, Hillsboro, Stone Ridge, Hamilton, and other cities in the county. Make the call now to get diligent representation.