How often have you seen that phrase? Real Estate Agents and Brokers have been preaching that for years. When is it really cheaper? Well, the answer might surprise you. When you choose to purchase a property for your business you need to properly evaluate different components of the investment.


The commercial real estate leasing market is multi-faceted and complex. There are a multitude of options when it comes to making leasing decisions. Full service, Net Lease, Modified Full Service, Industrial Gross, Lease with an option to Buy, are important factors when evaluating leasing alternatives. It takes an experienced professional to navigate the intricacies of each transaction and make the best deal with the most favorable terms.


Buying commercial real estate can be a secure and profitable investment if you take the time to research, get advice from experts, and know your risks and benefits. There are four main reasons to buy investment real estate: cash flow, appreciation, tax savings, and principal pay-down.